Disputes Between Partners, Shareholders or Members

Partnership Dispute? Consult the Attorneys of Durst Kerridge

Durst Kerridge’s Ohio commercial litigation attorneys handle the full panoply of internal disputes that arise between business partners.

What is a closely held business entity?

A closely held corporation is one whose shares are owned, i.e., “closely held,” by a small number of business partners, often family members. While there is no universal definition, some states and taxing authorities have their own definitions. For example, an entire subchapter of the Delaware Code is devoted to “close corporations,” defined as those with thirty or fewer shareholders. See 8 Del. C. §§ 341-356. Limited liability companies frequently share characteristics of close corporations – they tend to be closely held by a small number of owners, referred to as “members” – and are sometimes treated like close corporations for tax and other legal purposes.

Durst represents partners, shareholders and members in cases involving:

  • “Business divorce”
  • Disagreements over the control or operation of the business
  • Allegations of self-dealing, embezzlement, fraud and other misconduct
  • Alleged minority shareholder oppression
  • Family business disputes
  • Disputes regarding capital calls
  • Buyout negotiations
  • Valuation disputes
  • Dissolution of LLCs, partnerships and corporations

Ohio Shareholder and Partnership-Related Commercial Litigation

Our approach to handling partnership, shareholder and membership disputes is to develop a strategy tailored to the client’s business objectives and the unique circumstances of the case.

If you are facing a shareholder or partnership dispute, contact Durst at (513) 621-4999 as a first step toward the best possible resolution.

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